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What is Bloom Box?
Bloom Box is the hottest buzz in Silicon Valley. It's a product from Bloom Energy that generates electric energy in a small box.

Actual Bloom Box to be installed


Powerplant in a Box?


If you haven't watched 60 Minutes, Bloom Box gained the attention of numerous people because it utilizes fuel cells made from solid oxide in a building and offer electricity. Recently they launched the Bloom Box. They often referred to this as a futuristic device that can help in providing the source of clean energy. On the spot this tool can create power without having to connect to electric grid. It is so powerful that a small box the size of a milk carton can actually give electricity to about four homes. Read more about What is Bloom Box.

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Renewable energy is now the preferred energy source. Know more about the Bloom Box and all aspects of the renewable energy discussion by exploring our pages!

The Man Behind the Bloom Box.
Ever wonder who's the man behind Bloom Box?
KR Sridhar
He's K.R. Sridhar. A former NASA scientist turned founder-slash-CEO of Bloom Energy.

In fact, he served as a
professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering as well as Director of the Space Technologies Laboratory (STL) at the University of Arizona.
Read more about him in Who is K.R. Sridhar.

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Top Renewable Energy Sources.
Green energy is now gaining momentum at present.

Renewable Energy Sources

As the world is ushering in new innovations that do not harm our environment, companies are starting to realize on investing on clean and green energy. Meaning, sources of energy that is renewable, safe to use and no harmful emissions. Read more about the
Top Renewable Energy Sources.

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"AT&T continues to be on the forefront of energy management and understands the need to find innovative ways to power the next generation. The investment they are making now not only means they will have control on their own energy destiny, but will also help ensure a brighter and more energy rich future for all."

- K.R. Sridhar, Bloom Energy CEO


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