Top Ten Houston Fashion Instagram Accounts

Need some new fashion inspiration? Check out my top 10 Houston fashion Instagram accounts.



1. Dressupbuttercup

I really enjoy Dede’s outfits, especially her sweaters and outerwear, which are both comfortable and stylish. If you are looking for your next look, her account includes links to the products she wears. Dede posts Monday through Friday so you can definitely find a fun, new professional outfit as well. From casual to date night, she covers the gambit.

2. Caloscloset

Casual looks abound on Julie Calo’s Instagram. Her daily dose of style also includes home decor and interesting places she encounters. I love how her looks are styled on the go, showing her wherever she travels. She has a great fashion sense with different combinations of separates and lets you know where you can find her latest look.


Alice’s fashion blog and Instagram epitomizes Texas style to me. Her boots, styling and fashion sense bring her Instagram together. Interesting color combinations and Texas scenery add to the chic looks she puts together. Check her out!

4. Simplicityandcoffee

Love her professional photos and looks! Ashley Lopez has great shots of her purses and shoes, and lets you know where to find them. Her well-styled looks serve as an inspiration for the Houston fashionista. With Starbucks in hand, Ashley makes a chic statement.

5. Lifetolauren

Bright accessories and class outfits define Lauren’s Instagram. Flirty and fun, her looks brighten up your feed. She also tags her Houston locations so you can find your own place to take photos. Her captions are short, illuminating and add an extra pizzazz to her photos. Get inspired by her collection of looks!

6. Itssofiaemm

Splitting her time between New York City and Houston, Sofia gets a flavor of both cities’ style. She snaps quick pictures of other stylish folks she encounters on the streets as well as architectural shots. Her captions shed light into the moment she captures in the life of her subjects. If you want more fashion, photos, and insights, read her blog.

7. Style_lynn

More than daily casual or professional attire, Roselyn includes home accessories and beauty to impress this season. Her eclectic use of separates helps define her fashion sense, turning her account into a unique style experience. She shoots in interesting locations as well, adding some extra Htown vibes.

8. Culturedfash

Sarah Hafez’ chic looks and artistic shots bring a fashion forward presence to your Instagram feed. She rocks fabulous heels and dresses across town, and has a hard to miss style. Her looks stand out in metallic, furs, and leathers. I love her contrasting locations to looks and the intrigue it adds to her shots.

9. Lipstickandbrunch

Bright and light colors, beauty looks, and casual chic style bring together Nicole’s Instagram presence. Her Spanish influences and life photos bring additional depth to her account. I love her adorable Basset hound too! You can see her on Instagram or on Houston’s Fox26 giving her fashion advice.

10. Itsallchictome

Coffee on standby as she snaps photos of her style, decor, and accessories; start following Shelbi’s blog about fashion and lifestyle. I love her joyful pictures and boots obsession. For youthful combinations, styling, and inspiration, don’t miss out on her recommendations and photos.


11. Daily_craving

Lilly E.B. brings a lightheartedness to her Instagram by capturing family photos and adding a touch of daily life to her captions. Her casual and consistent looks, which include a price conscious perspective as well, add another layer to the Houston fashion landscape.

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