The #1 Reason For Starting A Home Based Business

Are products and services important?  Of course.  If you have a great product or service that can stand alone even without a great compensation plan, that’s great.  Myself I want to know how quickly and easily that product or service can make money, and if it appeals to the masses.  Look, your business must be set up to make money for you,  otherwise it is just a good hobby. When I look at a business opportunity, there are several things I look for.Is It Affordable To The Masses – look there is no doubt that there are big ticket programs out there that can make you large commissions that cost $1000 dollars or more to get into.  Now if you can afford that kind of investment hey go for it.  I will look more at a program that cost between $200 and $500, with commission ranging from $100 – $400.

Group of business people having a business meeting
Group of business people having a business meeting

Now with that investment, and commissions,  you will have many, many more people able to afford to get involved, thus more of an opportunity to make money quicker.Fast Payouts – I like quick payouts.  Things like fast start bonuses are great for me, because I want to get paid as soon as possible after recruiting some one or making a sale.  I look for companies that pay weekly fast start bonuses, or pay commissions weekly

Simple To Understand Business – Look I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m not the dullest either.  A business that is to complicate to explain or that has a complicated compensation structure is going to take longer to learn and longer to make money with.  Remember I want to make money with my business as quickly as possible.

Automated – Duplicatable

Marketing Plan – The marketing plan should be easy to understand and more importantly easy to teach and train someone else to do it.  Learning how to promote your business is essential in your success.  With good marketing tools that you can put on auto-pilot will free up your time for some of the detailed follup of your prospects or customers.  An  easily duplicatable and automated marketing system will help your business grow quicker with less drop outs.

Ok that lays out a few areas that I think are important when looking for a home based business.  To clarify I usually am more interested in businesses that deal with network marketing, simply because they tend to use the leverage of other people’s effort as well as your own to help build business.  They also have a better potential to develop a huge residual income over a longer period of time. I actually ran across a fantastic new program that fits all the criterias listed above.  Now normally I don’t look at a program that is less than 6 months old, but this one has really proven it’s self over the last 4 months.


The program is called   REGENISIS 2×2. It’s a 2×2 matrix which pays out $400 when your matrix is filled with 6 people and and additional $800 of matching bonuses when your first 2 recruits fill their matrix with 6 people, for a total of  $1200.  The whole process has only been taking 30 days to complete.  This is a great program as is but the company is doing something that no other company is doing.  They have developed what they call an Automatic Recruiting System.   Using the  ARS Regenisis will build your first matrix for you.  You heard me right….Regenisis will build your first matrix for you by using the ARS to recruit and place your first 2 people in  your downline.

Not only will Regenisis  put 2 people in your downline to start your matrix, but the 2 people they place under you will also have 2 people placed under them which will fill your matrix of 6 people and generate your first $400 commission.  Now when your 2 recruites have their matrixes built for them by the company, you will receive an extra $800 in matching bonus commissions.


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